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Frequently asked questions

What time is check in?

Check in is 3:00 PM.  There is a chance for early check in, however, you MUST call ahead to the campground office to see if early check in is available.  If you are able to check in early, a fee of $5 per hour early will be charged at time of check in.

What time is check out?

Check out is 11:00 AM.  

What is the cancellation policy?

If cancellation occurs more than 14 days prior to reservation, a Nontransferable gift card will be given with this year's expiration date. Minus a $10.00 service fee.

If cancellation occurs less than 14 days prior to reservation, there will be NO refund.

There will be NO refunds for cancellations of Holiday Weekends.


*All rates are subject to change.

Can i have visitors?

Of course!  All visitors MUST stop in the office to register prior to entering the campground.  There is a $3.00 fee per adult visitor (no charge for kids under the age of 18).  All visitors must be out of the campground by 10:00 PM.  

can a visitor stay overnight?

Yes, you can have a visitor spend the night.  All visitors MUST stop in the office to register prior to entering the campground.  There is a $6.00 fee per overnight adult visitor.  The limit per site, however, remains 2 adults, minor children (under the age of 18), and 2 dogs.

is there a limit to the number of people per site?

Each site is allowed 2 adults, minor children (under the age of 18), and 2 dogs.

Can i put a tent on my site?

We do NOT allow tents to be placed on a site with a camper.

Does the campground allow tent camping?

You are more than welcome to camp with a tent at Camp 10, however, we do not offer specific "tent" sites.  You will need to book a regular site.

how big are the sites?

The majority of our sites are approximately 40 X 70.

can i put a rug out in front of my camper?

Rugs are allowed, however, are limited to a size no bigger than 8X8.  We want to provide the best experience for each of our guests, and to do that, that means maintaining our grounds to the best of our ability.  If you are staying for an extended period of time, you may be asked to roll up your rug at some point to allow the grass to breath!  

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, pets are allowed at the campground, however, they must remain leashed at all times.  We do enforce a limit of 2 dogs per site maximum.  Pets ARE NOT allowed in the camp office, store, gameroom or pond.  Make sure to check out our dog run/ play area during your visit!

Are there trees throughout the campground?

There are trees throughout the campground.  The greater majority of the trees are toward the East side of the campground.

is the golf course open to the public?

Yes!  The public is more than welcome to golf our golf courses!  Mini golf is $2.00 per person; restricted flight golf is $7.00 per person (public) $5.00 per person (camping).  We do have clubs available, but you are also able to bring your own clubs!  

Is the beach/swimming open to the public?

No.  Unfortunately, we are unable to allow our beach area and swimming pond to be open to the public. 

Is there wifi throughout the campground?

The Campground does have WIFI available at no charge as this service is not guaranteed.  We tend to see the more people logged into the WIFI connection the slower it tends to be around the park. 

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